…. alarm buzzes….(arm swings, contact)… alarm crashes…

Immediately I’m aware that while the alarm is no longer functional, the buzzing continues in my head.

I am awake, with eyes which appear to be glued shut. Sore…In a foreign land; I can assume this from the voices I hear in the distance.  My eyes open.. blazing rush of white, my nostrils take in the pungent smell of iron. The room is bright and each and every possible light, all 7 of them, are on.  The sliding door to the balcony is wide open; accompanying blinds lay on the ground and curtains stretched to the furthest most regions of this hotel room which I am in. How did i get here?

Where the fuck am I? (think think think)

As my vision clears and I’m better able to make out my surroundings I see that the sheets and walls, in the predominantly white room in which I am, are covered in blood which appears to have been sprayed in a Dexter like fashion, albeit none on the ceiling.

I’m frantically searching the recesses of my brain for a clue as to the hours leading up to this moment when I hear a knock; more like a thud from the wall behind me. As I slide my body, one which feels like it is thinning before my eyes, off the bed I realize I am naked. As my foot reaches for the ground a flashback, a voice in my head, “Keep touching me like that and your going to get escorted out”. What?  But what about the noise I’d just heard? I sit at the edge of the bed and scan my body looking for an injury; a reason I’m surrounded by these circumstances.

I’ve come to accept the fact that I sometimes black out.. I’ve even come to terms with sometimes waking up with a stranger, or two, in my bed.. but I’ve yet to wake up in such a scenario before.. blood .. lots of it….. surround me in this room… This is new. I push my knuckles into the bed, flexing inward at the elbow to lift myself up when I see her looking at me..


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